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Emergency Loans for Unemployed: Financial Aid to Those Who Lost a Job

When it comes to bank loans, having a regular income source is among the basic requirements for borrowers. More than that, your income must be high enough to cover all your expenses. Needless to say, unemployed Americans have little to no chance of getting a conventional bank loan. However, the situation is different if we are speaking about non-banking lenders. Some of them are ready to provide emergency cash loans to those who for some reason lost their jobs or can’t prove their income source right now.

Emergency Unemployment Loans: How They Work

Payday loans are provided by private lenders online and offline. As a rule, they use a simplified procedure of loan application approval – with no credit check. That said, a proven source of income has always been among the mandatory requirements for those who take out payday loans. Still, now, this is not impossible to find a solution. Some lenders are ready to provide emergency loan help to those temporarily unemployed or those who can’t prove their income immediately. Loans of this kind work exactly as usual payday loans, but the application form is simplified.

What Loans for the Unemployed Are Provided by Lenders?

As a rule, emergency loans with no job are relatively small. This is not bad, as, without a regular income, you won't be able to repay a large sum on time. However, you may be eligible for small emergency cash loans for covering emergency needs, such as medical bills or other types of essential bills. These are payday loans, which are provided for a short term of up to 6-8 weeks. Usually, these loans must be repaid in a lump sum, although, some lenders may allow you to repay your loan in installments.

The Mechanism of Loans for Unemployed

The mechanism of instant loans for the unemployed is pretty similar to all the rest of emergency personal loans. The most convenient way to get the needed cash quickly is to apply for a loan online. If you are unemployed, loans from direct private lenders are the only acceptable solution. Keep in mind that you will need to provide any information that can prove your ability to meet loan payments. If you have a temporary or part-time job, say about this. If you receive any benefits or get state aid, mention them too. Maybe, you’ve got a job already, but the payday hasn’t come yet? Be honest and provide all the information to get the maximum possible loan aid.

What You Need to Apply for Emergency Loans for Unemployed

The requirements for prospective borrowers who need money now being unemployed are close to minimal. The very basic eligibility criteria include the following ones:

  • an age of 18+;
  • American citizenship;
  • having a checking account in a bank;
  • having a valid phone number/e-mail.

Also, be ready to provide essential documents certifying your identity, Usually, they include a passport/ ID-card, an SSN, and a driver's license. They are mandatory for getting a loan.

Advantages of Emergency Loans for Unemployed

Like all emergency cash loans, loans for the unemployed are a tool for resolving urgent financial issues. Their largest downside is a high APR. Yes, emergency loans for unemployed are expensive. With that being said, they have certain advantages:

  • You get emergency cash immediately, not in a week or two, as it often happens with traditional bank loans.
  • You don’t need to have a regular income source to get a loan.
  • don’t need to have a perfect credit score, as you can get emergency cash advance with bad credit.

All in all, instant cash loans with no credit check for unemployed are the most effective way to cover urgent financial needs “there and then”. Of course, they shouldn’t be treated as a long-term solution.

The Best Place to Get a Loan for Unemployed

The best way to get emergency loans with bad credit is from direct lenders online. You may check the list of recommended lenders from our database to choose a reliable company with reasonable requirements. All types of loans, including those for the unemployed, are provided with no credit check within one business day. If you meet the minimal requirements, you may submit an application online and get your loan the next day.

Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Customers

An inability to prove an income source is not the only problem potential borrowers face. Some people can’t get a bank loan because of a low credit score. Happily, online lenders provide emergency loans with bad credit with no questions asked. Because of the simplified procedure of applying, these lenders just don’t check your credit history and credit score. Of course, higher risks are compensated by higher interest rates, but you may care not about it when every minute counts. Getting an emergency loan with bad credit is as easy as getting any payday loan from a direct lender. Payday loans for the unemployed are also provided with no credit check, which is an extra benefit of this emergency financial solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


I need money now emergency: how can I borrow it?

Find a reliable online lender in the database of recommended companies and make a fast application for a payday loan online. It will be approved in several minutes, and you’ll get your loan as quickly as tomorrow.

Can I get a payday loan if I am unemployed?

Getting a loan can be a problem for the unemployed. However, this is not impossible. Some lending companies do provide small payday loans to unemployed customers. The selection of such loan companies is limited, and still, you may find some.

Am I eligible for a payday loan if my credit score is low?

Yes, you are. Payday loans are approved with no credit check. This means that even if your credit score is poor, you are still eligible for payday loans. Usually, these loans are not too large, but they can help you to cover your urgent needs quickly.

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